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Saat harapan tak jadi nyata
tak tahu langkah kemana
saat langit biru terbelah dua
Biarkan mati saja…
Atau akankah kembali berbunga?
Ingin rasanya menerbangkan raga
Dalam tiada membangun jiwa
Menebar jala pengisi sukma
Berhenti mengubah kata jadi cerita
Biarkan tawa menjadi air mata
Karna kini ku kaya raya
Pemilik sejuta nelangsa
Bergelimang nestapa tanpa derita
Saat semua yang ada sebabnya
Lenyap ditelan mega masuk ke dalam dada
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Desktop of mine by nodee03 Desktop of mine :iconnodee03:nodee03 1 2
Chasing butterfly
You float through the evening mist
As the leaves, moved by the wind, twist
The sun shine plays the color of your wing
As I, joyfully see you dancing
Come my little butterfly
‘ere we part and say goodbye
Play with me a little while
So I may savor the beauty of your smile
For I know, I can never make you mine
And our time is a sparkling stars that shine
Though it will never last trough the nite
In my heart it will linger, deep down inside
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Sedikit demi sedikit
segalanya menjadi indah
dan tiba-tiba aku terjerebab
tak kuasa meninggalkan mu
setitik demi setitik
pesona mu merasuk ke dalam sukma
mengisi setiap relung hati
membutakan jiwa
lengkaplah sudah Kasih....
kini aku tak kan bisa lari dari Mu
dalam setiap tetes darah ku
mengalir senyum-mu
aku kini mencandumu sayang...
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a lil' angel on my shoulder by nodee03 a lil' angel on my shoulder :iconnodee03:nodee03 3 2
While u sat by my side
That smile
That pretty little smile
On that puffed up red cheek
The memory that will always stick
Don’t you ever let it fades
Less the heaven itself will be hidden in shade
And all the goodness on this world
Turns sour and molt
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three days blues
God how I hate weekend
The drums of Friday nights
With its brilliants lights
My heart cannot make amen
How I really hate weekend
The romances of Saturday lover
And the hugs and kisses that follow after
The bonds and games of pretends
God how I really hate weekend
The laziness of sunny Sunday
With your loved one you must stay
While in the corner of the world I just stand
Cause in every weekend
You and I are parted
As the gaps exaggerated
And my soul totally spend
Oh God…
How I whish this weekend
Will soon end….
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A Saved Prayer
Little angel,
How can I make you stay
What does it take to make you sway
My way
Little angel
What is this future
You say you must endure
That makes the present all but a blur
Little angel
Why can’t we just share the moment
And maybe by some unforeseen omen
Together we will share each and every enjoyment
:iconnodee03:nodee03 0 0
I will remember
I will always remember
That first smile
That very first hello
The very first time you hugged me
Your soft skin caress my cracked hide
It was but a moment in time
But an eternity in my heart
I will always remember
The very first time you taught me
About the greatest story ever told
And ever since that day
I’ve tried and tried to write my own
With you as the main cast that will always stay
I will always remember
Those times when we skipped for lunch
Hiding form the rest
Fleeting like a shadow under the sun
You walk to meet me
Just the two of us and nobody else
I will also remember
The hurt and the pain of fighting for you
Of shattered dreams and broken hearts
Unreachable dream and sky-high expectations
And all those sleepless night
Wondering where you are, what you do
And most off all…
Who you are spending the night with
Clinging to that vain light at the end of the tunnel
And now despair and aspiration walks hand in hand
Dread and elation shares the same bed
While love and hat
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descending with the sun by nodee03 descending with the sun :iconnodee03:nodee03 1 1 sunset for three by nodee03 sunset for three :iconnodee03:nodee03 1 3
let's just be friends
I’m tired
So very tired
My heart aches
With every lie
My skin burns
With every touch
My lips swollen
With every kiss
But still you stuck on me
Clinging like a leech
Holding on
Stranded on the beach
Unwelcome in my heart
Begging for me to let you stay
In my darkness nightmares
I have let you die
A thousand many way
In some
I even lent a hand
Now I pray every night
they never come true
So please
Please dear
Walk away
Forget about me
Or at least
Let us just be friends
:iconnodee03:nodee03 0 3
The reason
What good is a living
when there is nothing to live for
What good is believing
when there is nothing to belive in
Man searches for a reason,
without knowing,
if they would find any.
And in the end he would die
for what he believes to be right
and those who see otherwise
will have to face his might.
In the end...
The only truth we will see
is the one we choose
to believe in.
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Semua Ada sebabnya
Kalau aku suka kamu
Pasti karena buntelan pipimu
terhias senyum manja
saat pertama menyapaku
kalau aku sayang kamu
itu karena otak error-mu
yang selalu menghadirkan tawa
setiap kita habiskan waktu bersama
kalau aku cinta kamu
itu karena mukamu
yang berantakan
saat terlelap disampingku
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A letter from nobody
If I was a singer
I’d make an album
About you as my lover
If I was a movie director
The film I’d make of you
Will have many splendid color
If I was a painter
The louvre would be filled
Of your images and character
And if I was a DJ
I would rock the club down
Just to see you sway
But these lousy lines are all I got
Written just in case you forgot
That there is always a nobody
Who wish he can be your somebody
And that somebody is me
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